Winning Works is one of the leading research based trial consulting firms in the country.

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Greg Cusimano, David Wenner, David Bossart , and Ed Lazarus have combined their research, expertise and instincts to offer a comprehensive menu of trial strategy and litigation support services based on the Jury Bias Model™. The result is Winning Works™ – your firm’s own litigation coaching team. 

The filters through which jurors receive and process information are firmly ingrained, shaped by a lifetime of familial, social and political influences. Based on proven research and methodology, the Jury Bias Model™provides powerful insights into how jurors are likely to think and feel about the issues raised in your case. It enables you to prepare every facet of your trial story to overcome jurors’ prejudices against your client and take advantage of jurors’ predispositions in your client’s favor. Winning Works has structured the Jury Bias Model into a streamlined process proven to give you the best shot at winning.

The Jury Bias Model™is most effective when it is applied from the inception of your case, before discovery and depositions, and utilized throughout all stages of litigation. Its concepts are not confined to trial; the model is a powerful persuasive system that can be used to enhance your communications, public relations and political strategies. The Jury Bias Model™is the brainchild of Greg Cusimano and David Wenner, and now includes master practitioners, David Bossart and Ed Lazarus.


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