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You find yourself with one of you most challenging cases of your career.  Your deep desire to bring justice and healing to a client that has suffered because of the neglect of another is elevating your stress and leaving you confused on how best to present your case.  You are loaded with all kinds of questions;

While you are wrestling with all these questions, the challenges of your practice, your family, and other cases are not going away. Make your life easier and give Winning Works a call.

Winning Works has worked with hundreds of successful attorneys across the country on their most challenging cases.   Once you give us a call we can determine the best process for helping your case, and helping you.

Discover why every attorney knows…..Winning Works!

What others are saying...

Winning Works has helped me immeasurably in my trials. I just finished back to back trials in which the focus groups we did helped me find the perfect “frames” for the trials. I have worked with a number of highly talented trial consultants. David Wenner and Greg Cusimano of Winning Works are as good as it gets. The consultants at Winning Works have an understanding of decision science that is second to none. They do it the right way.
— Mark Mandell, Past President of AAJ (formally ATLA)
Our firm was recently involved in an Auto-Defect case against Ford Motor Company that resulted in a wonderful verdict. Our success was due in large part to the focus groups, case theme development, and jury selection analysis provided by Winning Works. Through the focus group work we were able to develop a trial story that resonated with our jury. Winning Works’ help with jury questionnaires and jury selection was key to our identifying not only those jurors receptive to our issues, and to exposing those who would never support a plaintiff’s verdict. In sum, their help and support was invaluable.
— Dan Dell’Osso at the Brandi Law Firm in San Francisco
The most impressive thing about Ed is that you can work on a case for three years and think about how to explain it to a jury and Ed will hear it for an hour and be able to give a better and clearer opening than you ever practiced. His ability to distill “complex cases” into easily digestible bits is amazing. I tried a products case in March, 2009 against a major manufacturer in Federal Court. Ed and I worked on focus groups and the opening. The defense lawyer, with whom I did not get along, complimented me on my opening. They eventually settled- this was the first case they settled during trial in 17 years-and we were allowed to talk to the jury. The jury understood and digested our message.
— Andrew Abraham at Baker & Abraham in Boston

The Bottom Up Diagnostic

Winning Works has developed a tool to assist trial attorneys, like you, to efficiently understand where they are in their case preparation.  The Bottom Up Diagnostic will allow you to clarify your next step and it will point to valuable resources.  After completing The Bottom Up Diagnostic a member of the Winning Works team will schedule a free telephonic consult to make suggestions and identify the Winning Works Process that would best serve you, your case and ultimately your client.